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Cambodia is a country that just growing up from the war that kills lots Cambodian people over 3 million people since 1970 to 1979. Cambodia has 25 cities and all the provinces and has an 181 035 square Kilometers, the percentage of jobs in Cambodia there has about 60% to 70% of people of Cambodia that work as farmers to growing the rice. Cambodia nowadays is very grown as noticeable that we can say the Cambodia Kingdom of wonder, especially in Phnom Penh city there have lots high building and also lots of Villa and big houses.
Cambodia in 2016 there is available jobs announced in Cambodia over and over thousand jobs that available in Cambodia. Jobs in Cambodia so many companies always offering us a great job around Cambodia that almost the owner of the company which is came from the abroad, such as France, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Australian, Germany,... those owners love to make their business and give us an opportunity to have Cambodia jobs especially the owner from China that especially gives us a Factory sector around Phnom Penh city of even the other provinces around Cambodia. If you are looking for a job that available around Cambodia in 2016 is pretty easier more than before, that, because there are many factories, are growing up. Although there are have so many companies are looking for the employee they still need us for some abilities to work with them as well. The government of Cambodia was said they will defend and decided to elimination for the poorest people by giving them the opportunities to get jobs or give them by training them a new skill, even at the rural area that almost have the poorest people that make the government very care and busy to help them out from the poor livelihood.
The government committed to making jobs to their people have especially in the countryside of Cambodia. Instead of the royal government of Cambodia does for their local people, some provinces or areas, there are has an NGO organization they are loving to help the Cambodian people especially at the countryside because the countryside of Cambodia is a where that have very much poor families and people, lots of homeless old people. Anyway if you’re looking for Cambodia jobs there are have so many ways to go and lots kinds of Cambodia jobs are available and pretty easier more than before as we mentioned above. For the government jobs at 2016 to the next year, the royal government planted to increase their salaries of the employees for the smallest salary which is 800,000 rails. For this reason, will help them to have a good livelihood. Just not only for the government employees, but they plan also for the factories workers as well that can offering them for the smallest salaries which are $150 a month for each employee.
The talented people in Cambodia will get the greatest jobs around Cambodia that can earn between $200 per month up to $1,000 per month depending on the quality of work and company offered. This meant the talented people is that who are very important to the company or the organization. For jobs in Cambodia if you are an interested in to work there, just preparing your CV and your cover letter to apply for the jobs there, be qualification your CV, you just keep reviews or update it when you need it for submitting a job application. Anyways looking for Cambodia jobs right now it still available for different kind of people in Cambodia or an expat that willing working in Cambodia, make yourself with the commits and the challenging to work as a professional worker.

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